Tuesday, June 8, 2010

With the temperatures in the high 90's and not much rain in the forecast, it may be necessary to increase your sprinkler run time and possible number of days you are watering. Depending on where you are at, a general rule of thumb for the summer is to water 3 days per week. A simple way to test if you are watering enough is to take a regular screw driver and push the shaft in the soil after you have watered. If it’s relatively easy to push in and the entire shaft is moist, you’re watering enough. If you have to use a lot of “elbow grease” to push the screw driver in, you need to increase the run time. You want to allow enough time between watering to let the ground dry. There are many different variables as to how long you should water. For more detailed information, see Frisco Sprinkler Repair

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If your St. Augustine has not come out of it's dormancy, you're far from alone. From its northern boundaries along the Red River, clear into Central Texas, the Gulf Coast and even deep East Texas, St. Augustine lawns are hurting this spring.

. While this winter was certainly not our coldest in history, it must have caught St. Augustine in a vulnerable condition.

Dr. McAfee agrees that the 1-inch layer of Canadian sphagnum peat moss is the best means of helping your lawn regain its strength. This research was done several years ago by Dr. Phil Colbaugh, research plant pathologist, now retired. Dr. Colbaugh suggests applying the peat in late April or May, and he has shown dramatic improvement in the health and vigor of treated lawns. Dr. McAfee says that he is aware of home and commercial properties that make such an application annually each spring, although Dr. Colbaugh's research suggested it could be used every two or three years.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring is almost here!

Spring is right around the corner and these last 2 days have been absolutely beautiful! Time to start thinking about waking your lawn and landscaping up. Before the end of March you should scalp the lawn, trim trees and bushes, cut back perenials, ornamental grasses and rose bushes. Install mulch in the flower beds and have a sprinkler tune up done.

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